How to Take Screenshots in Restricted Apps without Rooting in Android

Android is praised because of its customizations and features. Also, it gives the users options to do a lot of stuff on their devices.

However, the platform can sometimes restrict you from performing certain actions like taking screenshots.
This can become very much frustrating when you really want to capture something on your screen, but the app doesn’t let you do it.

To protect private content and personal information in several apps, Android restricts the screenshot capture functionality.

Earlier it was easy to bypass the restriction by using Google Assistant or a screen recorder. But now Google has patched all those solutions, so those methods won’t work now.

But don’t worry. We have created this guide to help you take screenshots on restricted Android apps.

This method will let you take screenshots without rooting your phone. However, keep in mind that it also work on Netflix, Prime Video, and other media streaming services

Requirements Download:
1.  VirualXposed Tai Chi
2. DisableFlagSecure module

How to Download and Install Tai Chi & module APK
  1. Firstly, Download the Latest Version of APK for Android.
  2. Before starting the installation procedure go to the “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” option and activate it.
  3. Then Install the app.
  4. The system will ask for Permission just click on the installation button.
  5. Once you have done with the installation process the icon of the APK will be on your home screen of the smartphone.
  6. Finally, “Open” the app.

follow these steps:

  1. First, click the floating button on the main page of TaiChi and click the button Create App.
  2. Then, select the app you'd like to apply the Xposed module, such as Utkarsh.
  3. Then, click on the "Create" button at the bottom and wait patiently for the process to finish.

  4. After the creation process is finished, TaiChi will tell you that you will need to uninstall the original Utkarsh app. Please uninstall it, as this is necessary due to TaiChi in non-root mode needing to modify the target APK file which means we have to re-sign the APK.

  5. Follow the steps as instructed in the TaiChi app until you installed the re-signed version of the app.
  6. Then, enter the "Module Manage" section by clicking the button "Module Manager" on the floating button on the Home page.

  7. Check the DisableFlagSecure module.
  8. and the Xposed module applied should work properly now (A system reboot is not necessary).
  9. Just lunch Your App.  Enjoy..!



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