Downloading Free Versions of RSLogix 500, RSLogix 500 Emulate & RSLinx for PLC Programming

The simplest method of getting into PLC Programming is to use an emulator. However, locating the proper files may be troublesome as Rockwell Automation has created a very intricate process to access them. Furthermore, downloading from third-party sites may be unsafe due to viruses and corrupted versions of the required software.

On this page, you will find the latest method of downloading the following tools absolutely free from the original source:

  • RSLogix 500
  • RSLogix 500 Emulate
  • RSLinx

With these tools, you can start practicing PLC Development without the need of purchasing hardware.

Utilizing the Rockwellell Compatibility Tool

Our walkthrough starts at the Rockwell Compatibility tool. This website allows one to download all the available software built by Rockwell Automation. However, most of this software will require a license. There is an exception however for legacy software as well as firmware revisions.

Link to the tool: Rockwell Compatibility & Downloads

RSLogix Micro Download Search

A standard RSLogix 500 version will require a license, however, there’s a package named “RSLogix Micro” which is a lite version. It doesn’t require a license. That being said, we will type in this name and look for the following shortcut.

RSLogix Micro Starter Lite w/o RSLinx EN (8.30.00)


On the next screen, you will find the software with two buttons: “Download” and “Add to Download Cart”. Selecting the “Add to Download Cart” will not download the tools we’re looking for. Instead, this will download the v16 of the firmware for the MicroLogix1100 PLC. Therefore, it’s important to select “Download” as shown below.


Downloading the Tools – RSLogix 500, Emulate & RSLinx

From the next page, you will be redirected to a firmware download. It is thus important to hit the “+” button which will expand the display and show the different versions available for download. Note that selecting anything above v11 will only give you access to the firmware. However, selecting v11 as outlined above will bring up the menu we’re looking for.


Once you click the “Download Button”, you should see the following popup from which you can select the appropriate tools. Make sure that they are selected before you hit the top right “Download” button.


Finalizing the Download

At this point, you will need to create an account and login in order to confirm the download. Although you’re required to log in, there will be no prompt for a license for these tools; they are absolutely free.

After logging in, you will be able to select the preferred method of downloading these files. I’d personally recommend the “Managed Download” for the same reasons as outlined by Rockwell Automation: safe transfer and file verification.


At this point, you’ll have access to the three tools you need to get started with RSLogix 500 PLC programming. These are the most commonly used tools for engineers to get into control systems programming. Make sure to check out other PLC Programming tutorials to get started.

Downloading Free Versions of RSLogix 500, RSLogix 500 Emulate & RSLinx for PLC Programming Downloading Free Versions of RSLogix 500, RSLogix 500 Emulate & RSLinx for PLC Programming Reviewed by Surjeet Roy on December 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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